Emily Dickinson Museum opportunity

Emily Dickinson Museum opportunity
From Marylou Davis, consulting conservator:
I am working with the research and reports developed over these past 25 years for the restoration of the hallway (first and second floors), the double parlors and the NW bedchamber (where Emily’s mother was cared for by Emily during her illness). I worked on the restoration of Emily’s bedroom and the library over these past five years and now the museum is embarking on the restoration of additional principal spaces in the house. The last renovation took place in the early part of the 20th century and is characterized as Colonial Revival thus these spaces in the house are akin to blank canvases.
My part in the restoration of Emily’s bedroom and library was to developed new wallpaper and border designs based on small fragments of extant papers present when the house underwent significant damaged and repair due to Ice dams, winter of 2009. I also consulted on additional aspects and did some needed decorative paint-work. The wallpaper fragments were dated to the time when Emily was living and writing in the room. David Dempsey conducted that research.
I am performing a similar role now but a more expanded one in putting together appropriate wallpapers, paint colors, floor treatments, and window hangings for the hall, parlors and NW bedroom. These will be based on the research. I’d like to find a Smith student who knows CAD to design a 3-D walk through of the spaces inserted with the chosen finishes for floor, ceiling, woodwork, and walls. This will need to be done by September 1, 2020. It will be shown and used to/for the museum board and donors so they may gain a deepened sense of how the spaces will appear to visitors when they’re completed. The student will be fully credited for the work.
This is an unpaid opportunity. If interested, contact Marylou Davis at maryloudavis12@gmail.com