Alumnae Note & Anti-Note

Read and write two DIFFERENT potential alumnae notes for yourself.

Examples of real Smith College alumnae notes

Sarah Smith completed medical school at UMass in Worcester and an internal medicine residency at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, and since 1988 has worked as a part-time physician in private practice in the Dover, NH area.  Husband Gary is a neurologist; son Jason completed his first year of college; and daughter Sara is in high school.  The family is completed by a golden retriever and two cats.

Alexis Jones writes, “Five years after moving back home to Sarasota, I am now a stay-at-home mom to my 2-year-old son, Jack.  I’m still not sure how I ended up a housewife, although it probably had a lot to do with my childcare collapsing, my job stagnating, and my husband pursuing a new career.  Most times I feel like I’m secretly being filmed for a bad reality show entitled My Mother’s Life.  In addition to applying my hard-earned degree to such things as laundry and trips to Target, I’ve been busy managing our outdoor pest infiltration.  I am on a first-name basis with the Terminix man.  Provoked by exhaustion, humidity, and my toddler’s time-consuming neediness, I recently chopped off all my hair and now bear a startling resemblance to Sheena Easton circa 1983.  It saddens me to realize that current Smith students will have no idea who I’m talking about.  I love my son, I love being a mom, and most of the time I love my life.  Yet I’ve been confounded by choices I never thought I’d have to make.  Which makes me think that my personal Reunion slogan could well be – ’15 Years After Smith – What the Hell Happened?’”