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Ramadan 2019

Ramadan Mubarak! Blessed Ramadan! For Muslims all across the world Ramadan is a special time of year. Muslims use the month of Ramadan to grow closer to the Creator and renew their commitment to their faith. Learn more about what … Continue reading

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Holy Week Resources

Friends, Holy Week, which begins on Palm Sunday, is the week leading up to the celebration of Easter. As Holy Week approaches, we anticipate many who seek to worship in communion. Northampton and the surrounding area(s) offer an array of … Continue reading

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Spring 2019 Event Calendar

Friends, Below is the Spring 2019 event calendar! The Center for Religious and Spiritual Life encourages all students and community members to attend workshops, weekly programming, and events available to them. The CRSL is pleased to offer a variety of … Continue reading

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Reflect, Resist, Rejuvenate

Dear Friends, We chose to highlight as our theme “Reflect, Resist, Rejuvenate” this year because we think these are the three ingredients we all need to live in the present historical moment, and, as general practices of the spiritual life. … Continue reading

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Do We Need Religious Community?

Religion graces us with the tools to grapple with grief, loss, death, love, and connectedness. Religion is service: to oneself, to others, to duty. Religion is the recognition of a Universal network of love and justice. For some, religious community … Continue reading

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Reflection on Muslim Student Advising

For many years Muslim students at Smith College built a sense of community among themselves with little assistance from the Center for Religious and Spiritual Life. They organized events, planned activities and led holy observances largely through the behest of … Continue reading

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Alden Baptist Church visits Smith College for Black History Month service

“Beautiful are the WORKS of God! Beautiful also are the SKINS of my people!” —excerpt from the Alden Baptist Church’s Black History Month Call to Worship The Center for Religious & Spiritual Life embarked on the beginning of a sacred … Continue reading

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Sacred Space and Beloved Community

The Yoga aphorisms of Patanjali from the third century state “what we truly worship we make sacred.” This philosophy rings very true for me. I believe it applies to “worship” in the broadest sense: quiet, alert walks in the woods; … Continue reading

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Understanding Quaker Worship

Sitting in an hour of silence might not be the typical way to spend a weekend morning. But that’s exactly what I did on Sunday at the Northampton Friends Meeting. Quaker worship is based on silent waiting, with the expectation … Continue reading

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History of the Chapel and CRSL

“Religion helps us to find the meaning of life. It speaks to the dignity of the individual. It proclaims the undeveloped potential that is in us. It bids us take courage and move forward with confidence.” – Helen Hills Hills … Continue reading

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