LARP and Tabletop Campaigns

There are tons of games, both table top and LARPs, every week. If you are iterested in running a campaign or a one-shot, contact the Vice President,

Here is the current list:


Changeling LARP
Time: Alternating Saturdays from 7pm-midnight, with character creation starting at 6pm
GMs: Anna Rose O'Shea, Evanleigh Davis, Celena Farrell, Lilith Gragg, and Noa Kaufhold
GM email:
Changeling: The Lost is a modern-day fantasy LARP. You play humans taken by the True Fae, twisted, tantalized, and tourtured in ways unimaginable, then escaped or returned to the real world.
Game website: Changeling


Time: Alternating Sundays starting at 7:45pm.
GMs: Margaret Hewitt, Ravinder Dhesi
Based on the book series by Brandom Sanderson.


Lost Knight's Boffing Practice (AKA the Sisyphean Mercenaries)
Are you a boffer? Do you like to hit people with foam weapons? Do you want to learn how? Then come to the fields of the Lost Knights, where we get out our tensions by pretending to hit people with swords. We provide weapons and instructions, from the newest of the new to old hands at foam weapon attack methods.
This group meets on Sundays from 1-4pm at Davis Lawn, or in Davis Ballroom if the weather is poor. Please contact the general SSFFS email through the Contact Us links for more information.