The SSFFS Library

Library Catalog

What is it?

The library is SSFFS's space to store our extensive collection of Sci-Fi and Fantasy books, our video games, and to just generally hang out in.

Where is it?

King Basement. Our name is on the door.

How can I tell if people are there?

If the lights are on, we're there!

What do you do there?

All kinds of stuff; watch shows and movies, play video games, have tabletop RPGs, hang out, do homework, act ridiculous.

A note about library hours: they are not the only hours that they library is open. They are only the times in which council members are guaranteed (unless otherwise stated in meeting) to be in the library, so it will be open. However, we are usually there pretty much every day after dinner until we feel like leaving (so, really late). Feel free to come by whenever!

How do I check out books?

You can actually check out books from the library! There are shelves with thousands of sci-fi, fantasy, and generally geek-related books which are available for people to check out if you have paid your dues for the semester. Check the catalog (link above) to see if the book you want is there, and then talk to a council member and they will check it out for you. Please don't take books from the library unless they've been checked out.