Annette Garrett’s Discipline and Twinkle

At the 75th Anniversary of the SSW in 1993, alumni shared their memories with each other and Dean Ann Hartman.

In this video, Dorothy “Dottie” Brier, M.S.S. 1954, Edith Richman Stolzenberg, M.S.S. 1936, Johanna Perry, M.S.S. 1955, Bapai Batiwalla, M.S.S. 1950, and Gloria Rudman, M.S.S. 1958, share their memories of Associate Dean Annette Garrett as a challenging professor to work with and as a caring mentor with a twinkle in her eye.

“Storytelling in the Archives” 1993, School for Social Work Records, RG 60, Smith College, Northampton, MA.