Graduation Ceremonies: Restricted, None, and Accidental

At the 75th Anniversary of the SSW in 1993, alumni shared their memories with each other and Dean Ann Hartman.

In this video, Juanita Dalton Robinson, M.S.S. 1951, Betty Brumbaugh, M.S.S. 1939, and Barbara Beller, M.S.S. 1952 remember when graduations were restricted or non-existent, as well as one harrowing accident just after the ceremony.

“Storytelling in the Archives” 1993, School for Social Work Records, RG 60, Smith College, Northampton, MA.

left hand side handwritten words "graduation was held in the President's Garden. No parents were invited--just teachers, students & Miss Day & Annette Garret.

Shirley Goldstein, M.S.S. 1953, scrapbook, School for Social Work Records, RG 60 Acc #12A-149, College Archives, Smith College, Northampton, MA.