Joanne Frustaci and the Turbulent Class of 1987

Joanne Frustaci, M.S.W. 1987, shared her memories of her turbulent class at the 75th Anniversary in 1993. She discusses how students held the administration accountable for recruiting students of color, how students clashed with each other over competing interests, and how two symbolic gestures helped the class heal.

Wait for the end to hear how Ann Hartman, who became dean in the class’s second year, responded to this set of passionate students.

Archives Workshop at the 75th Anniversary of the SSW, School for Social Work Records, RG 60, College Archives, Smith College, Northampton, MA.

Header photo:¬†Miriam Robinson Emily Luckett, Ann Hartman, 1986, Photographer: Richard “Dick” Fish, RG 60 Acc #07A-007, College Archives, Northampton, MA.