This list will obviously never be comprehensive. Use it as a starting point only. It is no substitute for your own searches!

ome website focusing on technical processes and news about Flash software:

Some discussion groups focusing on Flash software and ActionScript:

(note that discussion group readings are an excellent way of learning a complex technical subject over time. Just as in non-internet groups, the process of learning things with a group of peers who share information in a sociable context can help some people in experiencing what outwardly may appear too abstract, as more vividly part of a lively social exchange.)

The 4 discussion groups listed here (plus several others) are linked and archived at the same website, Chattyfigleaf, http://chattyfig.figleaf.com/

  • Flashnewbie - " Mailing list for new users of Macromedia Flash"
  • Flash Lounge - "Social list for users of Macromedia Flash"
  • FlashCoders - "High traffic mailing list for programmers using Macromedia Flash"
  • FlashComm - Mailing list for developers working with Flash and Server integration