Homelessness Issues and Services

Communications for a Sustainable Future and the University of Colorado offers a directory of U.S. based and international links on homelessness, covering housing, rights, arts, nutrition, etc.

The National Coalition for the Homeless seeks to end homelessness. Links to facts, information of legislation and policy, and ongoing projects are all available. Fine fact sheets on rural homelessness, domestic violence and health and mental health issues.

The Homeless Handbook is a manual designed for people working with the homeless in medically challenging situations. Covers psychiatric conditions, other conditions and illness, substance abuse, medications and first aid issues.

The United Kingdom's Homeless Pages offers a comprehensive guide to homelessness, including an introduction, research reports, directories, web courses and more. 

The National Health Care for the Homeless Council, based in Tennessee, represents a nation-wide membership organization of health care providers who work with homeless people in the United States.

Opening Doors is an Illinois based project offering information on the educational needs and right so homeless children and youth. 


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