State Boards
Social Work Licensing and Certification Information

Links to most States Boards of Licensure or Registration are available here, including the District of Columbia.

The Association of Social Work Boards offers detailed information on social work licensing/certification standards and processes for each state, including mailing addresses for each state board. The site also offers useful consumer information.

The Massachusetts Board of Registration of Social Workers offers detailed information on social work licensing in Massachusetts. The site also offers information for consumers of social work services. Each of these professional organizations offers links to additional professional resources and organizations.

Professional Credentials

The American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work has a site giving information on its certification and "Excellence in Preparation for Clinical Social Work Practice" award for second year social work students. 

NASW also offers a professional credentials at the MSW plus 2 years experience and MSW plus 5 year levels. Each requires supervision and an examination.

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