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Multicultural Links 

Wesleyan University's Psychology Department Diversity Pages offers wonderful links organized by group and includes gay/lesbian and disabilities issues.   Also offers a list of selected sites

Alan Liu of the English Department at University of California, Santa Barbara has created a searchable database diversity and immigration  called the "Voices of the Shuttle"   Very extensive and well organized, including general resources and resources by ethnicity.

The National Multicultural Institute offers links on multicultural education and diversity issues, (but few  on mental health).

The Human Diversity Resource Page offers many links on organizations, events calendars and the like.  Spotty but offers interesting links you won't find elsewhere. (Strong Japanese/Asian emphasis in content links.)

The International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology offers links to cross-cultural psychological resources.

Dr. Kedar Dwivedi runs Transcultural Mental Health Online from England. (Strong African/African roots emphasis, mental health content includes case and article.)

Dr. Douglas Degelman offers links on Cross Cultural Psychology

HyperLinks Organized  by Ethnicity or Culture(a growing work in progress)
African and African-American

Native American
East Asian Indian

African and African-American Links 

The Black Administrators in Child Welfare is a nationwide, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of African American children and their families who are gravely overrepresented in the nation’s child welfare system. 

African American Organizations offers a set of organization-based links. These include links to African-American student organizations and groups for African-American males. is an African American online community which brings together job seekers and
employers and offers extensive news, entertainment and e-commerce content.  (Commercial)

Blackstripe is a page for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals of African descent.

UCLA offers a good list of links on a wide range of issues of interest to African Americans

Cyndi Howell’s "Cyndi’s List" of African American genealogical links has a lot more too!

The Arkansas scholarship information site offers Information on Scholarships for African Americans

The African American Forum is maintained by Prof. Ashenafi Kebede of Florida State University.

The National African-American Male Collaboration seeks to improve the quality of life for African-American males.

The Universal Black Pages at Georgia Tech addresses African American and International issues.

Sistahspace is an African-American Webring which includes depression, interracial-relationships, violence against women, and identity issues.  

The Nubian Soul Ring connects members to Webrings including one on mental health issues.

Overviews about counseling African American men and women are available from the American Counseling Association. seeks "to bring together authoritative information about the whole world of Africa
and her Diaspora in as provocative and entertaining a way as we can."

Latino Links -- see also Kelly McCarthy's Mexican-American Pages

The Latino Social Workers Organization is a Chicago-based organization with several national affiliates.

The CL Net from the Universities of California offers research resources for Chicanos/Latinos on many topics.

The National Coalition of Hispanic Health and Human Services Organizations coordinates research and demonstration projects dedicated to enhancing the well-being of Hispanics.

Information on Puerto Rican Issues is the information service on Puerto Rican Issues.

Hispanic Online is an online version of Hispanic magazine. Their Hispanic Links offer a wonderful range of resources on culture, religion, people, politics and media.

Fiesta Educativa is a California-based group supporting families of people with disabilities. Information in Spanish and English. offers news, information and commercial resources.  The Latino Link provides information on arts and culture and a chat forum.  The LatinoWeb offers content and personal links for a Latino "virtual Community."  The Info Latino provides a wide range of information and links. is a global portal for news and cultural resources for Latin Americans (en Espanol).

The Galaxy search engine Latino Culture provides a set of links to issues of Latino culture.

Spanish language web sites include (news and chat in Spanish and English, aimed at North Americans); (Latin American news); (US, Latin American and South American); and (from Spain).

Caribbean Links

Island Connoisseur (a very commercial site) offers information on History and the Government & Economy of each Caribbean island, as well is some information on celebrations and carnivals.

Haitian Links

Links on Haiti from the Purdue University Multicultural Home Page:  (many)

Frantz Pierre offers Haitian Culture Internet Resources In a Nutshell from a virtual tour to cultural information of many kinds.

The Haitian Support Group offers cultural links.

The Haitian-American Psychiatric Association is a national working group.

Haitian Great Boston Resources/Agencies offer names, addresses and phone numbers.

Boston Haitian Reporter has a list of Boston area mental health and cultural resources, as well as some organizations in New York City and Miami.

The Center for Community Health, Education & Research, Inc.  in  Dorchester, MA  02124 offers Haitian Resources in the Boston Area

Native American Links

Wotanging Ikche a Native American newsletter hosted by Gary Night Owl, offers Native American News and links.  Many peoples are named, and links offered (as well as print subscriptions). 

The Index of Native American Resources on the Internet is an excellent, wide-ranging set of links to culture, education, health, art and other issues.

4 Worlds offers links to Tribal Peoples Resources.

The Native American Report offers information on legislation of interest to Native Americans. offers news and information.

All-Asia Links

Schizophrenia treatment in Asia is discussed in the World Fellowship for Schizophrenia’s Asia Report but from a Western point of view.

Korean Cultural Links

The Korean Cultural Organization offers information on culture and arts.

World Net offers information on Korean culture, society and customs.

I have found little on Korean or Korean American Mental Health but Dr. Tai Kang’s resume is an interesting reference however!


Chinese Cultural Links

The ABC's for ABC's (American Born Chinese) is a personal page but offers interesting content.

Chinese Culture offers many links on art, food and philosophy, but little on customs. offers news and information on China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Japanese Cultural Links

The International Society for Educational Information provides information on several aspects of Japanese Culture and Society written by Professor Ito Abito, an anthropologist, of Tokyo University.

A wide range of links regarding Japanese culture, arts, food and business are available from the New Mexico Japan Center.

Khmer Cultural Links

Khmer Health Advocates offers useful information but is only erratically accessible.

Hmong Cultural Links

The Hmong Homepage is the place to start!  An excellent directory of available information spanning a wide range of topics.

The University of Minnesota Refugee Studies Center includes bibliographies resources on some illnesses, parenting, deaths/losses of elders, and prenatal care as they affect Hmong in the United States.

Lao Family's Mental health Services pages offers a solid starting point for general mental health concerns.  PTSD, depression and suicide risk are addressed.

The Center for Multicultural and Multilingual Mental Health Services offers useful information about risks and protective factors for elderly Hmong migrants.  Very useful.

For the non-Hmong, Anne Fadiman's "The Spirit Catches You and You fall Down" (Noonday Press of Farrar, Straus and Giroux) is a fine introduction.  It is the story of a Hmong family and one of their daughters, whose seizure disorder has a very different meaning to the family and to a variety of very well intended American doctors.  A tragic story, but one to learn from. 

The Hmong Studies Journal is useful, if recent, online resource for scholars.


Indian Cultural Links offers news and links about India and Indian communities worldwide.  Links to chat threads include US Immigration, Pakistani Culture, Gujarati Culture, Kerala Culture, Punjabi Cuture, Telugu and more.

Russian Cultural Links 

The Moscow Expat Site is a  virtual community for English-speaking expats and Russians.

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