Therapy Research

Home These links locate resources specific to psychotherapy research. You may find some shared interests and possible collaborators. At this point in time [July, 2000] there is more organizational information than specific content. 

The U. S. Society for Psychotherapy Research web page with lots of information on the organization, newsletters, and conferences.

The Society for Psychotherapy Research, UK has a page from its United Kingdom site. It is an international organization with an active US membership.

The San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group has a page related to the control-mastery theory and studies of Weiss and Sampson.

The American Psychoanalytic Association offers information about psychoanalysis, including a literature search engine for psychoanalytic journals.

The Mental Health Net is CHMC System's on-line resource center. You may find discussion under searches such as outcome studies or psychotherapy research. The CMHC Systems corporate site under Outcomes will give one perspective on the business side of practice outcome research and its integration into management information systems.

The Center for Research in Psychotherapy has a page of resources and links maintained by Lucio Sibilia, M.D. in Italy (but is English language)

The National Institute for Mental Health has information about funding for mental health research and some of their current projects. 

The American Psychiatric Association has a site describing some of their research resources. One working group is called the Practice Research

The American Psychological Association under Practice Research or Science offers surprisingly little information!

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