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The Whalers Warehouse
The major part of my site is devoted to hockey and to my favorite team, the Hartford Whalers. If you know anything about hockey, you know this proves that I have a strong soul. I have devoted several pages to this peculiar fascination -- to my history with the team, to my favorite Whaler Frank Pietrangelo, and to the events that led up to the team's utterly moronic and asinine move to North Carolina.

"To The Manor Born"
I'm working on a site devoted to this classic BBC sitcom (1979-81), which starred Penelope Keith and Peter Bowles. For those looking for updates, I apologize for my lack of attention to the site! I will be returning to it very soon.
The Kevin Smyth Report
Former Whaler Kevin Smyth, while playing with the IHL's Orlando Solar Bears, was struck in the eye with a puck during a December 28, 1996 game. Kevin was one of my favorite Whalers, and he continued to play despite his impaired vision.
The Eric Lindros Worship Page
It's back by popular demand. For some reason, this page has elicited more comment than anything else on my site.
But back to me.
I'm originally from Minnesota and lived there all my life until I took this publications director job at Smith College in Massachusetts. For those of you wondering, I don't talk like any of the characters in the movie "Fargo," nor do I know anyone who does. While I have taken western Massachusetts and, thanks to the Whalers, the city of Hartford to my heart pro tem, I miss many of the great things about Minneapolis. I'm carrying on this sort of love-hate relationship with the Guthrie Theater, and with the Walker Art Center too, although the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is still just about my favorite place on the face of the earth. But what I miss most about Minnesota is shopping at Dayton's and Byerly's. ..but thanks to a recent grand opening, I can once againgo to Target for stuff.
Mpls . Guthrie . Walker . Hartford
Links to some of my favorite things
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5, a very cool site
The Star Tribune, a very cool newspaper
The Hartford Courant-- they keep a Whalers archive
That Girl!, not exactly the BBC, but a great sitcom

Was Andy Warhol a hockey fan?

"I will never forgive Rupert for taking me to 'La Cage aux Folles' on 'Gay Night.' I didn't know it until we got there. These two dykes came over and said hello, and I asked them what this event was all about, and they said it was for the 'Islanders,' and I said, 'The Islanders hockey team needs a gay benefit?' and they laughed and said oh ha-ha no. And then Rupert nudged me that they were talking about Fire Island...."
--"The Andy Warhol Diaries," August 25, 1983
And here's some more about me.
I have a BA in public relations and communications from the
College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota, and an MA in theatre literature from Smith; my thesis was on the malcontent in Jacobean drama, focusing on Daniel de Bosola in John Webster's "The Duchess of Malfi." I know: could I BE any more obscure?!
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