The Lotus Sūtra:

A Course in Mahàyàna Buddhism

The Lotus Sūtra in India
by L.O. Gomez, University of Michigan

The Lotus Sūtra in China
by Dan Stevenson, University of Kansas

Avalokiteśvara and the The Lotus Sūtra
by Chun-Fang Yu, Rutgers University

The Art of the Lotus Sūtra
by Willa Jane Tanabe, University of Hawaii

The Lotus Sūtra in Early Japanese Buddhism
by Paul Groner, University of Virginia

Interpretations of the Lotus Sūtra in Heian Period Culture
by William E. Deal, Case Western Reserve University

Nichiren and the Spirit of the Lotus Sūtra
by Jacquiline Stone, Princeton University

The Lotus Sūtra and the Japanese New Religions
by Helen Hardacre, Harvard University

The Lotus Sūtra in the West
by Jamie Hubbard, Smith College