The American Philosophical Association is pleased to publish this guide as a service to its members, in the hope that it will help encourage broader dissemination of original philosophical writing. The authors' advice about writing and submitting manuscripts, and the wealth of specific information about journals and publishing houses, will be useful to anyone who wishes to publish his or her writing on philosophical topics. The suggestions contained here can diminish the frustrations that sometimes attend academic publishing and increase the likelihood of timely and appropriate publication.

The Guidebook was written by Marcia Yudkin and Janice Moulton at the request of the APA and its Subcommittee on Publications and Research. The views expressed are those of the authors (and of the associate editors who reviewed specific journals and publishing houses) and not of the APA or its officers.

Publishers and editors who are not listed in this edition, or whose listings are incomplete, are urged to contact the authors to ensure inclusion in future editions. Correction: now contact the APA directly

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