Editorial Board

Susan Anderson David F. Austin
Diane Barense Brian Barry
Jann Benson Drew Christie
Kim Curtis Thomas A. Fay
David W. Felder Henry J. Folse, Jr.
Thomas R. Foster Richard E. Hart
David A. Hoekema Louis I. Katzner
Eugene Kelly Lowell Kleiman
August Lageman Tamsin Lorraine
Cheryl Misak Martha Barber Montgomery
Nicholas J. Moutafakis Finbarr O'Connor
Ronald Polansky Mark Richard
George Frederick Schueler Don Sievert
Janet Farrell Smith Timm Triplett
Stephen H. Voss Shirley Ann Wagner
Andrew Ward Gregory Washington
Hugh Wilder Richard H. Wiley, Jr.


The Guidebook for Publishing Philosophy would not have been possible without the conscientious work and expertise of the editorial board. Special thanks to Timm Triplett for assistance far beyond the call of duty, to David Hoekema for making the arrangements that made this edition of the Guidebook possible, to Bruce Wilcox for help with the questionnaire for book publishers, to Tom Givler for his help in using the Smith School for Social Work's laser printer and to Smith College for administrative support and technical assistance.

Copyright c 1986 American Philosophical Association. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form whatsoever, except for brief excerpts quoted in reviews. For information address the American Philosophical Association, University of Delaware, Newark, DL 19716. The views expressed in this book do not necessarily represent the views of the American Philosophical Association.

The APA has given permission for this edition of the Guidebook to be made available on the internet for a limited time. Please take advantage of this public listing of the information and tell your friends.

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