Lucretia Knapp


Swimsuit, 2006


Lonesometown, 2002


Casting Stones, 1994


Ghost of a Flea, 2001

war remains

War Remain, 2002







Swim Suit

Swim Suit Image

still from Swim Suit

A powerful and evocative experimental documentary about a young person's conflict between the desire to transition, and passion for swimming on a women's college team. Distributed in the US by frameline San Francisco. For gallery, museum and international screenings, contact Lucretia Knapp.

"Still waters run very, very deep in Lucretia Knapp's crystalline look at the loneliness of a short-distance FTM swimmer."

- Melissa Anderson, Film Critic

Lucretia Knapp explores the emotional landscape of a young trans man who gets a panic attack every time he dons a female bathing suit. Calvin Gilbert at first appears to be a really cute boyish man, striking a pose that would win the hearts of fitness magazine editors everywhere. As Calvin unspools his traumas around quitting the Smith College women's swim team we see him hurtling through the water in full businessman's drag. There is the briefest glimpse of male naval hair – did I actually see that? This decidedly offbeat short is a visual poem to our fears and dreams of escaping the gender prison. Boys to Men (Roxie/6-18)

- David Lamble,