Caption: Money Talks and Dead Men Tell No Tales, So the Undertakers and Doctors Have Been Doing Well Along
the Right of Way of the New Haven Run for the Stock-Market and Not the Public. The Morgan-Rockefeller-Mellen
Management Has Had Little Time or Money to Waste on Right Equipment and Common Care.

Source/Date: Hearst's Magazine, August, 1913

Ultimate Source(if different):

Creator: Ted Powers

Remarks: The cartoon is about the rear collision on the New Haven near Stamford Conn. on June 12, 1913 that killed six people. The ICC investigation excoriated the company for using wooden cars, having bad brakes and a poorly designed signal system. The cartoon asserts that the management was looting the company rather than making needed investments. Note the picture or the antique locomotive entitled "Rolling Stock."

Keywords: Equipment and track; Interstate Commerce Commission; Accidents, train; Financial markets; Mellen, Charles S.