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Source/Date:Wasp, July 8, 1881

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Creator: Frederick Keller

Remarks: Crocker and Stanford, clutching their boodle, are in a cemetery for individuals killed by the railroad at the mussel slough shoot-out as the comet of retribution flashes overhead. Such images, along with Jack London's Octopus, which features a fictionalized mussel slough, simply blamed the railroad.. Modern writers are more balanced. See the article in Wikipedia as well as William Deverell, Railroad Crossing: Californians and the Railroads, 1850-1910 (University of California, 1994) and Richard Orsi, Sunset Limited: the Southern Pacific and the Development of the American West, 1850-1930 (University of California, 2005).

Keywords: Central Pacific Railroad; Crocker, Charles; Stanford, Leland