Caption: Untitled

Source/Date: Wasp, October 21, 1882

Ultimate Source(if different):

Creator: Frederick Keller

Remarks: A take-off on the Feast of Belshazzar. Crocker, Stanford and Huntington are living it up when they spot the sword of anti-monopoly hanging over them -- just then a powerful movement in California politics. Crocker and Huntington have little crowns saying SPRR and CPRR. The bones represent mussel slough. In the background people flee the railroad monopoly. Overhead hangs, along with the sword of anti-monopoly, a tiny knife labeled railroad commission. One of the starving dogs has Argonaut wrapped around his tail -- a journal that had been in the pocket of the railroads but went out of business.

Keywords: California; Crocker, Charles; Huntington, Collis; Stanford, Leland; Regulation, state; Political influence.