Jacquet  [Du Pont] {Clement VII}

Earliest reference (under the name "Jacquet"),  mandati  list of February  1531 ;   mandati : February  1531- March  1532. 

It seems likely that the Jacquet of the  mandati  lists is the composer Jacques Du Pont rather that Jacquet of Mantua. In  1527  Du Pont was employed by Cardinal Giovanni Salviati who was a legate in France. Salviati brought him to Italy in the fall of  1529 . He served the cardinal in Rome for 20 years and was remembered in Salviati’s will of 6 March  1544  (the cardinal died in 1553 ); the bequest was a pension of 60 scudi a year or room and board for Du Pont and a servant for his lifetime provided that he moved to Florence. From  1536-1538  he was the maestro di cappella at San Luigi dei Francesi. All this fits in perfectly with a short stint in the papal choir in  1531-32 . Although Jacquet of Mantua may have been in Rome in 1519-20 in the service of the Rangoni family, he was definitely in Mantua by January 1527, and it is more reasonable to posit that he stayed there rather than returning to Rome for a short time in 1531-32, although it should be admitted that secure evidence of his employment in Mantua only begins in 1534.

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