Selected lists of historical maps on the web

*  Historical Maps of Russia and the Former Soviet Republics at The Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection, The University of Texas at Austin 

*  Federation of East European Family History Societies Map Room has a great collection of maps of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia.

*  A travel bureau site that has a non-professional collection of historical maps and links to other sites. The site is located in Norway.

*  A general source for historical maps at

*  One of the most detailed lists of historical maps on the web. Contains classification of each link (single map or collection). It is sometimes difficult to find the map you need because the list is not properly organized.

*  See in particular their nice collection of early Russian maps here.

*  Nice collection of maps at James Ford Bell Library at the University of Minnesota.

*  Useful map that reflects the growth of the Russian Empire in Europe.