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What do I read to stay on top of the news in education?

Daily Education News (subscribe to a daily email)

NY Times Education Section

ASCD News and Issues (subscribe to the daily email)

Eduwonk blog blog

Where do I go to begin to learn about the basics of an issue?

ERIC Digests:The Department of Education sponsors a research service that summarizes and synthesizes available research on an issue. The library covers a broad range of issues. I often begin exploring an issue by reading an  ERIC Digests. It provides an overview of important ideas and points me toward important sources on the subject.

EdWeek Research Center: Education week is the most comprehensive weekly publication in the field of education. They have a research center which defines the issue and offers a range of links. (subscription is necessary)


What databases and sites can be helpful in doing research?

National Center for Educational Statistics: Center for the collection and analysis of educational data in the US

ERIC Database: Educational research and resource clearinghouse. A library of educational research materials and sources 

The Educator's Reference Desk: A compilation of links, resources and articles from the Information Institute of Syracuse

EdWeek: Weekly educational news, research and commentary. Searchable database

Education Index: Guide to the best education-based sites on the web

Public Agenda: Advocacy and research group, great resources on current issues 

US Department of Education:  Chock full of resources, federally funded research studies, and other useful information

APA Stylebook for Electronic References: The style guidelines for citing electronic sources are always changing. The American Psychological Association offers an on-line stylebook for citing web sources and other electronic forms of data.