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What do you do when you get hold of an idea and want to move it beyond the walls of the classroom and out into the world? How do you contribute to making change and taking action?




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Strategies & Resources for Influencing the Process
Tips On Communicating With Decison makers

Strategies for on-line activism:

Tips for Educational Activists: from the ASCD

Tips on Writing Op-Ed Pieces: The ABC's of writing op-ed pieces from Duke University's De-Witt Wallace Center.

Tips On Making Phone Calls

Tips On Writing Emails & Letters

Tools for Activism: 20/20's guide to  influencing policy makers and people

Beating the Bureaucracy: A citizen's guide to influencing the administration

Legislative Action Center: Tool for identifying media and political persons in your community

Models of communicating about issues
Multimedia Presentations: Public Agenda has created a multimedia presentation about our new survey on child care, "Necessary Compromises," available on  The video features Steve Farkas, Public Agenda's director of research, discussing key findings of the study, in conjunction with a series of slides. The presentation requires use of Real Player, available free for download here.