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Paganism Links

Encyclopedia Mythica: encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and religion
Sacred Text Archive: thousands of religious texts and scriptures available online.
Wicca at Religious Tolerance a general intro to Wicca.
The Witches' Voice: news and information
Branches of Wicca: brief overview of some wiccan sects.
the Kemetic Orthodox Faith: egyptian paganism
Lycian Wicca: webpage about the Lycian tradition.
Asatru Alliance: information about Asatru.
The Rune Guild: runic magic and tradition.
Fabrisia's Boschetto: page on stregheria (Italian Witchcraft).
Contrap: magical theory, technique, spells & diviniation
The Inner Sanctum: wicca resource site.
SnowCat's Cave: resource for a variety of subjects.
The Celtic Connection: gobs of information on various topics.
Covenant of the Goddess: international non-profit organization (Wicca) Online Encyclopedia of Western Signs and Ideograms
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Introductory Info on Pantheism
Pantheist Association for Nature: What is Pantheism?
Avatar Search: occult search engine
Wicca for the Rest of Us: web site dedicated to reclaiming respect for pracitioners of Wicca.
Branwen's Cauldron: when in doubt link to a site with better links than your own!

Chants Resources

EarthSpirit: Pagan Chant Library
Lorelei Greenwood: Maine pagan whose website has many chant lyrics and clips
Firedance: More chant lyrics and clips
En-Chant-Ment: Still more chant lyrics and clips with a focus on French chants

Community Links

Spirals: UMass pagan group
Pioneer Valley Network of Pagans
Pagan Unity Campaign
College Wicca: links and resources for college pagan groups.

Smith College Links

Smith College Homepage
Religious and Spiritual Life
Smith Department of Religion and Biblical Literature
Libraries Homepage
Office of Institutional Diversity

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