Anti Harassment Policy

At ConBust, while we wish to take over the known world, we are also dedicated to providing everyone with a comfortable and safe atmosphere. We expect all attendees of ConBust to behave courteously to one another at all times. Behavior including, but not limited to, sexual harassment, attending convention events while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, use of derogatory and/or hurtful language, and physical assault will not be tolerated. If you engage in such behavior, your badge will be confiscated and you will be asked to leave. Your money will not be returned and we reserve the right to contact the police if necessary.

Also, please remember that ConBust is open to all ages, and to moderate your language accordingly. Anything you say may overheard, and language that may be acceptable to you or your friends may be highly offensive to others. Please try to be considerate of others' feelings.

IF YOU FEEL THREATENED in any way by anyone present at the convention, please notify a staff member immediately. Please do not hesitate to talk to us if you have any concerns.

Please note that ConBust is not a babysitting service and is not responsible for keeping track of young people. Furthermore, any unattended minors creating mayhem are liable to be conscripted as evil minions in our aforementioned plot for world domination.

Thank you and enjoy the con!

Weapons Policy

  1. - No actual weapons. Swords and guns will be taken on sight.
  2. - All swords with scabbards will be peace tied.
  3. - No projectile weapons are allowed (this includes marshmallow crossbows, loaded Nerf guns, squirt guns, etc). If you use them inside, the Constaff reserves the right to confiscate them immediately.


ConBust is housed in Seelye Hall on the campus of Smith College, a beautiful women's liberal arts institute in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Directions by car

From the South: Northampton is on Route I-91. Take Exit 18, and follow Route 5 north into the center of town. Turn left onto Route 9. Go through one set of traffic lights, turning left at the next set on to Route 66. Take the next right on to Green Street. There is a parking lot on the right, or you can park on the street. Seelye Hall is up the walkway from the parking lot. Just follow the sounds of geekery.
From the North: From I-91 South, take Exit 20, and follow onto Route 5 south into the center of town. At the intersection of Route 5 and Route 9 (Main Street), turn right onto Route 9. Then follow the same directions as above from Route 9 to campus.
From the East or West via the Massachusetts Turnpike: Northampton is on Route I-91 North (Mass Pike exit 4). Once on I-91, follow the directions above for visitors from the south.

Directions by bus

Peter Pan, Greyhound and Vermont Transit serve the area. Most routes go to the main bus terminal in Springfield, where you can catch another bus to Northampton. Buses run almost hourly between Springfield and Northampton. Smith is a 10-minute walk or a short taxi ride from the bus station.

Directions by train

Amtrak -- (800) 872-7245 -- runs trains to Springfield. From Springfield you can take a bus (about $4) or get van service ($20-$30) to Northampton from Valley Transporter. Valley Transporter requires advance reservations; call (413) 253-1350 or, from the airports or outside the 413 area code, (800) 872-8752.

Convention Times:

Friday: 5:30pm-12am
Saturday: 9:30am-11pm
One Dance to Rule Them All: 9pm-12am
Sunday: 9:30am-4pm

Artist/ Dealer Room Times:

Friday: 7pm-9:30pm
Saturday: 9:30am-8pm
Sunday: 9am-4pm