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Jan.25, 27


Introduction, objectives, resources, expectations, requirements, animation blog

Information Technology Services Production Equipment Registration

Read these 2 historical documents for next class (Thurs.Jan.27):

Read Intro chapter of Internet Art (pages 8-28) plus essay by David Rokeby, "Transforming Mirrors: Subjectivity and Control in Interactive Media" for next Tuesday.


In-class review/discussion of self-reflexive, transgressive software art of


Introduction to FLASH INTERACTIVITY with a simple coding exercise:

"An Unlikely Word Processor"


Feb.1, 3

Tuesday Feb.1- Class meets.

  • Continue Interactive Flash Workshop
  • Discuss assigned readings: essay by David Rokeby and chapter from textbook Internet Art
  • Installations by Camille Utterback, Romy Achituv, Scott Snibbe. See the citations page for DVD documents of installations discussed in class.


  • READING ASSIGNMENT for next class on Feb.10th from Internet Art textbook: Chapter 3, "Themes in Net  Art". View at least one of the chapter's examples on-line and be prepared to discuss that example in class. on Feb.10th.
  • DEMO ASSIGNMENT: Try this SOFTWARE by Amy Alexander (a.k.a. VJ Ubergeek) Cyberspaceland performance software (download page for PC Windows version only)
  • PRODUCTION ASSIGNMENT: For next class on Feb.10th, complete the interactive Flash project.

Thursday - TBA. Instructor will be out-of-town (She is participating in Transmediale, an international media art festival in Berlin.)


Feb. 8, 10

Tuesday - TBA (Instructor will be out-of-town through Tues., Feb.8)

Thursday,Feb.10- Class meets.


Continue with FLASH ActionScript coding.


Feb. 15, 17


Feb. 22, 24

  • Continue FLASH ActionScript coding.
  • READ for Thursday, Feb.24, two short sections from textbook, Internet Art by Greene: "Generative and Software Art" (pages 152-163) and "Open Works" (pages 164-168)
  • Continue with assignment due next Tues. March 1st.


Mar. 1, 3 -- This week we meet at DDS Lab (Seeyle B-13)


Mar. 8, 10 -- This week we meet at DDS Lab (Seeyle B-13)

REQUIRED EVENT on Tuesday, March 8: Media Performance by video artist Molly Davies and dancer, Polly Motley. You will attend one of 2 performances: 4:30pm and at 7:15pm. The performance lasts approximately one hour and the second performance will be followed by an informal discussion with the audience.

Continue DIRECTOR workshop

Lingo categories (in addition to other summary pages linked above (week 6)


Mar. 15, 17

Spring Recess - no classes

If you are anywhere near a computer and a fast Internet connection, use this week to explore the experimental game links listed for week 6 (above) and also on the citations page (also listed for week 6)



Mar. 22, 24 -- Location MEDIA SERVICES (editing lab)

Continue workshop on Macromedia Director towards next project.

Interactive multimedia as "philosophical toy"

"I've deliberately stuck with the word 'toy' to describe my CD-ROMs because to my mind, the cinematic toy is not simply a machine in miniature; it has an extra expenditure of energy invested in play, in the pleasure of the moment. 'Machine' suggests something altogether too functional, too goal-orented. In the conventional cinematic apparatus, a film is put on the projector and the machine is switched on for a certain duration until the film runs out. However, most philosophical toys are constructed around loops, which remove us from linear time into an altogether more hypnotic state. Classical cinema knows only 'next', the philosophical toy, on 'now' and 'again'." -- statement by new media artist, Zoe Beloff.


Workshop for those who need a review of the following:

Digital audio and video import and basic audio editing.

Review Video CAPTURE PROCESS (using Final Cut Pro)
1st. check audio-video settings
2nd. log and captureclips, more screen grabs of batch capture

Continue DIRECTOR:

Lingo categories (in addition to other summary pages linked above (week 6)


Mar. 29, 31 -- Location MEDIA SERVICES (editing lab)


The instructor will be in Wisconsin for a presentation of her media work on Tuesday, March 29. Instead you will use the Tuesday class period for the following:

  • Complete work on an interactive template (using placeholders) for all components of the current assignment. Reference: Lingo categories and other summary pages linked above (week 6). We will review this on Thurs., March 31.
  • Continue work on individual elements (audio, video, graphics, texts) for INTERACTIVE NARRATIVE ASSIGNMENT due April 12.



Apr. 5, 7 -- Location MEDIA SERVICES (editing lab)

Continue work on individual elements (audio, video, graphics, texts) for INTERACTIVE NARRATIVE ASSIGNMENT due April 12.


Apr. 12 - Location MEDIA SERVICES (editing lab)


Apr. 14 - Location Seeyle (B-3) DDS Lab ...for the remainder of the semester

Thursday - Physical Computing demo (tentative)

Final Project Treatment (ond page typed description) due Thursday


Apr. 19, 21

Work on Final Project.


Apr. 26, 28

Final Project Work-in-progress viewed with instructor on Tuesday, Apr.26 (No exceptions)


May 3 (Exam Week) - Final class meeting.

Final project and semester portfolio due on Tuesday May, 3rd.