Why Play Therapy
State of the Art
Play Timeline

Underlying Assumptions

  • Play is revealing on many levels.
  • Intervention in the "play world" (treatment done within the displacement) generalizes to other life arenas.
  • Play therapy changes the child client by offering new understanding, greater awareness of affects and motives, and re-focusing development.
  • The child’s environment is "good enough," so changes within the child will be supported and sustained by others.
  • The child is fairly well put together (able to relate to others, to see benefit in relationships).
  • Having the language to discus needs and events is optimal.
  • There is motivation within the child to change, and
  • Motivation in the family (and collaterals) to support the therapy, and support for the costs of a relatively long form of therapy. This may require consultation by the play therapist with many adults.

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