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Surprisingly, there are very few good resources online regarding play therapy.  Several national and state play therapy associations have web pages, but there is, as yet, little useful content.

By way of introduction, I have created some pages that set forth some core ideas about play therapy.  Why Do Play Therapy?    Underlying assumptions of play therapyTypical Features of Play Therapy.  And an assessment of the "State of the Art".

A play therapy timeline - expanded from one by D. L. Rheaume that is no longer available on the Web 

The American Counseling Association offers a two part Overview of Play Therapy online from a strong Adlerian theoretical base.

The American Psychological Association offers "A Child's First Book About Play Therapy" for child clients and their parents.

The Canadian Play Therapy Institute and the online home of Play Therapy International offer good bibliographies on play therapy and also play therapy for abused children.

The Kid Power Web is a commercial site with specific training opportunities, dedicated to empowering people with resources and information concerning play therapy, children, and parenting.  It has a nice description of what play therapy is and a piece of "Does Your Child Need Therapy? suitable for consumers.

Allan Turner's Person Centered Web Site from the UK offers a page on the process of play therapy. 

The Association for Play Therapy promotes play therapy and addresses our members' professional needs in order to better help children
and others in need.  Minimal online resources however.   [Same content is found at URLs and]

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