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Internet Resources on Infertility Topics 

Start with Resolve’s “Using the Internet for Infertility Information: Questions to Consider”  This is an intimate issue, please be thoughtful about the information you find online.

Resolve is a 25 year old infertility support, education and advocacy organization.  Explore Resolve’s; Internet Newsgroups; handling the Holidays; Endometriosis; Sperm Bank; Surrogacy; Turner's Syndrome; Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome; Christian Support; Healthcare Advocacy; Single Mothers; Multiple Births; Adoption and Professional Societies links.  

You may wish to attend meetings and often local support groups run by Resolve

There are many useful commercial sites which offer educational resources and links on specific issues.  Remember, always consider the sources! 

The commercial site Women’s Health Interactive and the drug company Serono sponsor an overview which may be a good starting point to gather information:

Another commercial site also offers a wide range of links about infertility:

The International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination (an infertility industry organization!) offers fact sheets and a guide to abbreviations.

Infertility Resources (another commercial site) offers infertility articles and other forms of media resources (videos, etc.)

The Fertility Network (another commercial site) offers resources for those who have chosen to pursue IVF and other ARTs, and a guide to abbreviations.

Topical Overviews:

The Australian Concept Fertility Centre offers an article-style overview of Emotional responses to Infertility  (1996).

ComeUnity offers an article style piece on Infertility and the Adoption Journey -- Bridging the gap from infertility to adoption.

Tripod Communities offers Men & Infertility: The Pain of Not Being A Biological Father: 


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