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A cross-disciplinary organization, the Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) is the key Family Therapy Organization. Here you will information about family therapy, and state chapters.  AAMFT has a page of web resources on family therapy as well.

Dave Dillard of Temple University collected the following family therapy sites:

A British personal site run by Bruce Hart offers fine links to organizations at Family Therapy Resources on the World Wide Web.

Another UK site, run by D. Pocock, offers links to Family Therapy Approaches and Theories.
Nova Southeastern University School of Social and Systemic Studies hosts Marital and Family Therapy Resources on the World Wide Web

The Family Therapy Section of the National Council on Family Relations has a site with good organizational links.  The NCFR has advocated for families since 1938.

The publisher Allyn and Bacon has a site with links to a wide range of
Family Therapy Websites.
The Syracuse University Library hosts Marriage and Family Therapy Links and Resources including electronic journals.

The Friends University Library in Wichita, KS offers a
Virtual Handout on Family Therapy

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