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This site contains American political and social cartoons depicting the railroads from the 1840s down to about 1930, with the bulk before American entry into World War I in 1917. Each image contains a title, source, artist (if known) and usually some brief comment on its significance.

You can get around this web site in two ways. You can search on a subject. Companies, People and Topics each brings up a list of images on a particular subject. For example, under People you can find all the images on E. H. Harriman or William Vanderbilt; under Companies you can find all the images on the Southern Pacific Railroad and under Topics everything on Accidents, train.

You can also search by Keywords. These will bring up images that may not be under the subjects but that reference the subject in question. Thus searching for Harriman under keywords will yield images in which he is mentioned but not the subject.

I have written an introduction that discusses these images and their significance. To access my wisdom click on the link below. Alternatively, you can skip it and go immediately to the images by clicking on the links at the left.