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7.1 Be like a bird - unknown

Be like a bird
Who halting in her flight
On a limb to slide
Feels it give
When beneath her
Yet sings, sings!
Knowing, she has wings
Yet sings, sings!
Knowing, she has wings

7.2 Witches - Bonnie Lockhart

Who are the witches? Where did they come from?
Maybe your great-great grandmother was one!
Witches are wild, wise women say
There's a lot of witch in every woman today!

Witches know all about flowers and weeds
How to use all their roots & their leaves & their seeds
When people grew weary from hardworkin' days
They made 'em feel better in so many ways

When women had babies the witches were there
To hold them & help them & give them sweet care
Witches knew stories of how life began
Don't you wish you could be one? Well maybe you can

Some people thought that witches were bad
Some people were scared of the power they had

But power to help & to heal & to care
Isn't something to fear, it's a pleasure to share

Notes: 1) "lot of" => little

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