Gaming, while not commonly focused on during SSFFS weekly meetings, is actually one of the vital functions of our club. SSFFS is dedicated to ensuring, maintaining and creating a tradition of women in gaming. While this is an area that is currently dominated by males between the ages of 15 and 25, SSFFS-run and SSFFS-attended games are often laden with strong female roles of every kind. Here we provide information on the world of LARPs, RPGs and Console-gaming in the Valley, with a focus on events in the Smith community and Northampton area. Let our current Vice President know if you want to run a game, or want to suggest a game to run. You can contact her via the contact form.

The weekly games are included on the calendar and game descriptions are on the LARP and tabletop campaigns page.

In addition to the real-world games that we run every week, SSFFS also has many videogames available for playing in our library. They include classics like Rockband, Super Smash Brothers, and more obscure titles as well.