SSFFS Library Policies

We have some rules for the library:

  • Be kind and respectful to the other people in the building. We share the basement with the Sophian.
  • All council members hold official library hours; there are also many unnofficial hours.
  • During library hours, our door is unlocked so that people can get inside, however the external door requires a onecard to get in.
  • Non-Smithies must have an express invitation from SSFFS to enter the library.
  • If anyone is making you uncomfortable, please tell a council member! The library is a safe and inclusive place. On that note...
  • No illegal activities in the library
  • Do not burn King down!
  • No death in the library (except internal death during finals).
  • No bodies in the HEDGE.
  • No alcohol in the library.
  • No sex in the library.
  • Do not throw away things that can be recycled (within reason).
  • Do not throw out food trash in the room (there is a big trash can right outside the library).
  • Do not eat food in the bean bag area of the library
  • The council member who is running their library hours is responsible for making sure the trash is dealt with as needed; this task may be delegated.
  • The librarian is responsible for seeing that library gets cleaned at regular intervals. The librarian reserves the right to delegate this task.
  • When you leave the library, make sure the windows are closed, all electronics are off (THIS IS IMPORTANT! The Xbox in particular is really easy to leave on), the furniture isn't up against the heater, and the doors are locked.

Loan Policies:

  • Dues paying members of SSFFS, and people who have paid $5 for borrowing privileges may borrow items from the SSFFS library. We have a catalog!
  • You are responsible for items checked out in your name, and for the replacement of lost items (either a replacement copy or the list price of the lost item will be given to the library).
  • How can I borrow from the SSFFS library?
  • Find the item you would like to borrow and a council member; the council member will find the item in the catalog.
  • The borrowing period is two weeks for books, and one week for movies/videogames.
  • All materials must be returned by the end of the semester; with the librarian's permission you may keep things out over winter break and J-term (this must be noted in the catalog).
  • An item may be renewed until someone else wants it. To renew, bring the item to SSFFS library and a council member will extend the due date in the catalog. Please actually bring the item in -- this is so nothing gets lost!
  • When an item is returned, a council member will check it into the catalog and re-shelve it.